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Set up an initial consultation
(at no charge) to determine which services meet your business needs, resources and budget.

From consultation and business analysis to facilitator and participant training guides to online or blended learning solutions, we offer customized services designed to meet your training development needs. 

We are specialized consultants in custom training in the areas of:

  • Technical, or software training, especially enterprise-wide software

  • Pre-hire or new hire custom training

  • Compliance and/or safety

  • Leadership training, especially in regional to upper management training or project (ProSci) management training

  • L&D standards development or best practices development in L&D


We have worked in the Automotive, Construction, Energy Oil & Gas, Electronics, Software, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, and Non-profit, Pharmaceutical segments. Our specialty is getting employees more productive, sooner, for less cost (and lower liability) to their company.

We work in all authoring and development tools including:

  • Microsoft products (MSWord, PowerPoint)

  • HTML, Articulate products, Captivate, Adobe products (Indesign, Flash), etc. 

  • We can offer video, translation and localization services, and illustration services through our partners

  • Our solutions include instructional design, media development, performance support, management coaching and checklists, job aids, Sharepoint and other client repository tools, including your LMS

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