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Managing Training Project Expectations

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If you're an instructional or media designer for training projects, you're probably very familiar with requests to develop quality courses in unrealistic timeframes. Quite often this happens when the person requesting the work is unfamiliar with the amount of effort involved. So what can you do?

Since perception of your performance equals reality to your customer, a request made with unrealistic expectations for the amount of time and work involved can be a real challenge for you. The danger of misunderstandings, missed deadlines, frustrations and ultimately poor perceptions of your ability are real.

So, how do you ensure success and not risk damaging your good reputation when dealing with this type of request? The answer is to manage customer expectations. One of the best ways to have happy customers is to be sure they know what to expect.

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Good news! No matter what your role is, you can positively influence training project outcomes. To ensure you practice the *right* techniques and manage expectations with favorable results, grab this free PDF resource that we've put together for you.

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