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Lower Costs By Blending Learning

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

In a recent survey conducted by Expertus and, training leaders were asked how they were going to reduce training delivery costs. 65% of the respondents indicated that they were going to migrate from classroom training to eLearning or blended learning.

After all, organizations need to keep their employees as productive as possible, and this can happen with on-demand, reusable chunks of training that minimize time away from the job.

If you want to migrate to blended learning, remember that there's more to it than just classroom training mixed with eLearning. Try mixing things up a bit!

There are some on-demand opportunities you can try...

  • Instead of spending time in a classroom, give learners a case study to solve. A popular way to complete case studies is to complete a webquest.

  • Hold online debates to enhance collaborative learning without pulling employees away from their desk.

  • Create a learning portal on your content management system, where employees can easily access reference materials, case studies, FAQs, lessons learned, charts, job aids and other materials that have been repurposed from your existing classroom training.

Before you take your next step, there are important things to consider, including a plethora of possible blended learning options that could meet your needs.

Continue reading full article via free PDF download...

Ok, now that you have a plan to lower your costs by creating high-quality blended training, be sure to grab this free PDF resource that we've put together for you. It's packed with great strategies to help you transition from classroom training to blended learning.

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