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How Much Time & Money is Needed to Develop a Training Program?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

How much time does it take and how much should it cost to create custom training? Regardless of whether you develop training in-house or you oversee those who do, it's important to be able to determine reasonably accurate estimates of how long it will take to complete a course.

Course design and development costs depend heavily on the instructional design model chosen. And the most widespread and efficient instructional design and development approach is ADDIE:

This step-by-step methodology enables you to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate training programs. Each step of ADDIE involves performing several key tasks to ensure effectiveness of your training program and creating one or more deliverables that result in the final product. In other words, it provides a roadmap for the entire training development process from "What do our people need to learn?" to "Did the learners get what they need?"

Course creation by this framework often requires the involvement of these roles:

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs): owners of topic or tool expertise, content originators (lecturers, super users, facilitators)

  • Instructional design (ID) team: experts at adult learning theory, analysis, course structure and written content creation (instructional designers)

  • Media development team: experts with authoring tools and graphics/media production (graphic designers, eLearning course authors, programmers, video production team, illustrators, animators, voice talents)

  • Project management team: key point persons who ensure all deliverables support the project's goals and expectations (course owner, project manager)

In this article, we'll talk about estimating the time and cost to develop a training project as it refers to the A-D-D phases of ADDIE: Analysis, Design and Development. There are several methods you can use.

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