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Boost Training Results with Action Plans

Updated: May 22, 2023

Training action plans are practical tools that assist learners in furthering their expertise and professional development. They’re often used in conjunction with classroom instruction and virtual-led training, but they perform just as well with online training and blended programs.

Specifically, an action plan is a checklist that outlines the steps or tasks needed to achieve the individual goals your learners have set for themselves. Effective action plans consist of the following components:

  • Well-defined goals

  • Specific actions or tasks needed to complete each goal

  • Available tools, resources and people needed to execute the specific tasks

  • Estimated timeframe to complete the tasks

  • Progress assessment and evaluation

  • Suggested practice activities

Why You Need an Action Plan

Offering training without an action plan can increase the chance of failure. Training action plans extend the learning experience, allowing learners to retain their new knowledge and practice new skills. Learners tasked to complete their own action plans take greater ownership in furthering their learning, are more focused on their career development, and better prepared for obstacles ahead.

With an effective action plan template, your employees can more easily retain knowledge, quickly boost productivity and keep themselves on track. Grab the free template provided here to help ensure success of your next training program! Download now.

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