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Best Icebreakers for Virtual Classroom Training

In recent years many companies have transitioned from in-person training to virtual classrooms, causing employee engagement levels to be in greater flux. One of the key factors behind this lack of engagement is a diminished sense of community.

As hybrids of working from the home and office continue, it’s more important than ever to look for ways to maximize your virtual training sessions and foster team building. Doing so can strengthen relationships and boost engagement by as much as 50%.

Fortunately, virtual training icebreakers are a great way for us to feel connected to people we can’t immediately meet in person. Not only are they effective to use at the introduction of a course, but they are also well-suited for use during scheduled training breaks. Implementing them during an intermission helps to keep people focused and engaged until everyone returns to their seat.

Tips to know before you start…

  • Consider the level of closeness between participants. Some icebreakers are designed for those who have worked together before, while others are not.

  • Be flexible. Icebreakers don't always go as planned, which is perfectly ok. So consider having an alternate question or activity in reserve that may be easier to answer.

  • Use virtual icebreakers sparingly.

  • Consider the size and job roles of your training audience. For large group sessions, break participants up into smaller groups to complete the icebreaker. For upper management participants, consider using icebreakers that help build leadership skills.

  • Keep activities brief to avoid wasting valuable time.

With these tips in mind, be sure to check out our favorite virtual icebreaker and team-building activities you can use with your learners below!

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Grab this free PDF resource to get everything you need to host meaningful icebreakers that keep both leadership teams and employees open and engaged during training sessions.

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