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3 Simple Solutions to Support Field Teams

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with numerous obstacles related to supporting team members out in the field. Fortunately, the solutions may be easier than you think! Whether you’re a field manager developing the strategy or simply assisting with the support effort, here are three approaches to build on for success.

Scenario: Your field team is spread all over the country (or the world) and is rarely all in the same place at the same time. Having a dispersed workforce creates big gaps in communication, messaging gets missed (or is ignored), and you’re finding it difficult to know the best way to keep everyone in the loop.

If you’re suffering from this communication issue, you may have the following indicators:

  • Everyone in the organization, from Marketing to Learning & Development to IT, faces difficulties distributing information to the field team in a timely manner and in a mode that is easily digestible for their busy schedules.

  • Managers struggle to communicate with field personnel to ensure each is following the appropriate business practices with prospects and customers.

  • Field team members may not ask for help until they’re too far down the wrong road, which can lead to reduced profitability, increased employee frustration, greater risk and poor customer service.

This article will help you get started with an effective communication strategy, training approach and change management effort for your workforce out in the field.

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It goes without saying that the process of supporting employees who perform field work is a big one. It involves a lot of thought, careful planning and participation from field leaders, supervisors and team members alike. Grab this free PDF and follow these simple solutions to save you time and prepare your field team for success.

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